Quote of the week

Every week we are going to learn a new expression, idiom (frase hecha), quote (cita), saying or proverb in English. This week we are going to focus on the word RAIN
                                           This is a quote by Martin Luther King Jr

                            Resultado de imagen de no person has the right to rain on your dreams

Raining Cats and Dogs © Marilyn's Miniatures
                                More expressions with "rain"
1. To rain cats an dogs: this idiom means "to rain heavily". We can also say: to pour with rain (ambos se traducen por llover a mares, a cántaros)
2. Come rain or shine : this expression means: no matter whether it rains or the sun shines (pase lo que pase) ...
3. To save for a rainy day: this means "to save for the future" (ahorrar para el día de mañana.